Company Bookkeeping Services

You take care of your business and we will look after your business bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Accountants in East London. In this modern age, the accountancy profession has also changed radically, and so we too. We use modern accounting software to record the clients accounting transactions. Since the small and medium entrepreneur cannot afford a full-time accountant but, at the same time, they need timely and accurately recording their business transactions. We fill this affordability and accuracy gap by providing computerised Bookkeeping services to our clients. No matter how far you are the online technology is at your doorstep.

So will collect all the invoices, bank statements and other papers to make sure that they are correctly recorded and meet the requirements of the HM Revenue and other interested parties.

We take pride that we keep your accounting records up to date and analyse them to ensure the accuracy of the accounts balance. We will relieve you of your financial duties and will ensure that you concentrate on your business.

  • Timely and professionally accurate Bookkeeping
  • Tailored Bookkeeping services according to your business size needs
  • Dedicated accountant
  • Help and advice any time during office hours
  • 24 Hours chat facility
  • Use of good accounting software
  • Sending records through prepaid bags and emails/li>