VAT Return Accountant

Accountancy encompasses numerous aspects related to finance and its structure. From revenues to taxes and their returns, accounting is essential not just for a business to run smoothly but also to comply legally. Astron, as an accountancy organisation running at its helm for two decades and a half, takes care of all these related aspects with proficiency. Crucially, this also means we have been functioning as a professional VAT returns accountant in London catering to all the VAT-related issues of our clients.

VAT is an absolute must for any business organisation with a yearly turnover above £85,000. However, while businesses with lesser turnovers need not mandatorily register for VAT, there are situations where it is advisable to go for VAT submission and filing. Our team of expert VAT accountants in London make a detailed analysis of every client’s business scenario and advise them accordingly. The various VAT related services offered by Astron are mentioned below, which cover all relevant issues on the indirect tax.

  • Complete overall bookkeeping for client business ventures.
  • Registration of a company under VAT.
  • Filing for VAT deduction returns of a business enterprise.
  • Attending Her Majesty’s revenue investigation team for better clarity and ultimately better handling of client necessities regarding VAT.

Along with the services offered here at Astron, it is vital that business organisations, start-ups, self-employed and all undertakings understand VAT in detail. The filing for VAT returns is especially complicated with new requirements being enforced.

VAT and VAT Returns

Firstly, Astron Accountants provide detailed advice on registration along with the pros and cons of registering for VAT. However, it is only for business organisations who are yearly earning less than £ 85,000. Enterprises above the benchmark are mandatorily required to pay VAT and file returns.

Either way, Astron, as a diligent VAT accountant in East London ensures proper compilation of all relevant data and documents for process completion. Further, our experts complete the submission as well with extensive knowledge on HMRC regulations.

Filing for returns on VAT is an intricate process, especially with making tax digital (MTD) regulations being enforced recently. Under this regulation, every VAT-registered organisation is required to file its VAT return for every transaction electronically. While VAT management software aids in submission as well as filing for returns, it is a complex deduction.

Consequently, Astron Accountants try to ensure their extensive clientele have all their VAT-related issues handled without any worry. As VAT accountant London, our accountants do not just complete the basic submissions and file returns but also look into complex situations. In case there is a complication, rest assured it will be taken care of by the most efficient team of professionals.

While business enterprises above the stipulated benchmark can avail Astron’s services for convenience, ventures below the benchmark should at least consider looking for expert advice here. Call us for any VAT related query or advice, or check out our list of services any time you need.